Our Privacy Policy has been fine tuned and developed to safeguard the personal and confidential data of our valued customers and visitors. Our Privacy policy is in compliance with the leading health services and the products endorsed by us.

Important Customer Data maintains and stores the customer data in safe and secured systems. We use a platform that is safe, secure and reliable. The company in no way shares, sells or outsources the customer and visitor data to any third party.

Customer Information received through website orders is saved for transactional purposes only and this information is only used in the case of reshipments and re-orders.

The company has dedicated IT administrative system in place to safeguard confidential customer information we collect.

No Spam Policy

We embrace customer satisfaction and ethical business practice to the top most level. All data received and stored by is for transactional purpose only.

The data received is not used to spam the customer’s inbox.

Any update or offers regarding products shall be communicated to the customers via exclusive emails.

Accept ‘Product and Offer Update’ to receive promotional letters.


We stick to every rule of privacy control. As our customer, you definitely need not worry about profile details (name, emails, address, etc.) being leaked, shared, or sold.

Customer Confidentiality

The company, embraces customer confidentiality, and in no way compromises with it. (0) Spam

We are a secured using SSL, online selling web site and our customers are free from receiving any kind of unsolicited emails.